Ken Cluskey Chosen for Hard of Hearing Consumer Representative of TADDAC

From Katherine Burns

We have one more announcement of another member’s wonderful achievement. Ken Cluskey was chosen for the position of Hard of Hearing Consumer Representative for TADDAC (Telecommunications Access for the Deaf and Disabled Administrative Committee). This is the committee that advises the California Public Utilities Commission on programs and services for the deaf, hard of hearing, and other disabled. Several people applied, including me, so it says a lot about Ken that he was chosen.

Ken’s compassion for the hearing loss community and his intellect, technical skills, and enthusiasm make him a great fit for this position. I’m truly happy for him and I know he’ll do an outstanding job.
Personally, I got a taste of Ken’s impressive character after our Oakland interviews, when he patiently helped me figure out the BART system and buy a pass. I found out later his plane was leaving earlier than mine and he had to really hustle to catch it!