Amazing February Meeting!

Message from our President, Pat Widman

It was great seeing so many of you at the meeting on Saturday We had a standing room only crowd which was great!!!

I want to thank Dana Sunderland again for facilitating the “Mixed Couples” discussion. Our panel of couples, Tim & Bianca, Alex & Doug, and Lisa Beth & Joe were great and I think we all benefited from the insightful discussion. Thank you all. We will be posting the meeting transcript later today.

While we didn’t have printed copies of the newsletter, Lisa did post it here last week. If you can’t find it, it can also be found at or on our Facebook page….Hearing Loss Association of America-Los Angeles Chapter.

By the next meeting we will have launched our NEW website and we can’t wait for you to see it. Tim Browning our “Tech Guy” and our Website Committee (Tim, Ken, Lisa and Pat) have been meeting for about a year on this so we’re very excited. Watch for more details and make sure you come to the next meeting to learn more about it.

Speaking of the March meeting, I hope you will come and be a part of the conversation about how HLAA-LA can continue all the wonderful things we’ve accomplished over the last 11 years. Since we started this chapter in Sept 2004, we have had a committed group of leaders. We have had the help and support of the members. We want to continue being a strong, energetic, supportive group and think it’s a healthy thing to take a look at how we can do an even better job as we move into our 12th year. How can we get more people involved in being leaders? Are there easier ways to accomplish the things that need to be done to keep the chapter running? How can we reach more people who need the support? We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions because the chapter needs all of us to make things happen and can’t rely on just a handful of people to get the job done.

See you March 26th. Let’s have another S.R.O. crowd!!!